Friday, April 26, 2002

What would you do? - When I was in high school, Ice-T came out with a song that made it very clear that he knew his audience was suburban white kids like myself. First of all, it was a rock song, not a rap song. But secondly, the song painted little vignettes of inner city violence, rage, destruction, punctuated with a chorus that consisted of voices crying "Tell us what to do" and Ice-T replying "Fuck you! You'd know what to do if a bullet hit your kid on the way to school or a cop shot your kid in the back yard!"

Oddly enough, this hard-driving, obscenity-laced rant was a call for compassion, for a recognition that gang violence in LA was an "us" problem, not a "them" problem. Now, Kathleen Durkan makes the same plea in the Seattle Times. Read it.

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