Thursday, May 23, 2002

Hey, you sexy thang! - Dawn Olsen's running a poll on the sexiest male blogger. Now, I'm not on the list yet, which is fine. I don't have to be sexy in the eyes of the web. I have other virtues. Or so my therapist tells me. And even if I get on the list, there are a lot of big-boy bloggers that'll probably beat me out, because my sexiness is of the subtle, understated variety. After all, I'm a Scorpio, not a Leo.

So why link? Why submit my info, even? Because, sex is the great mystery of human existence, and I'm curious about what trips whose trigger. Is it all hormonal? Your pheremones dig my pheremones, so off we go? Or maybe a Freudian thing, where you're looking for your daddy and I'm looking for my mama? Or mystical: soul reaching out to soul. I don't know. Any ideas?

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