Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Newsweek on Teenage Girls - I mostly liked this article. It puts out the radical notion that some teenagers are actually mature, well-balanced and, generally, not evil. The problem is that it acts as though that really is a radical notion. Okay, yeah, some of the people I knew in high school were hoodlums. Some stole stuff, some got in fights, some did drugs. But most of the people I dealt with on a daily basis were well-adjusted, intelligent and sophisticated young people doing the best they could to make sense of a complicated and constantly changing world.

The catch? That was 15 years ago, and there was a mix of genders in our group.

I used to think my high school must have been different from everybody else's, because I didn't see the reality of high school reflected in John Hughes movies or similar TV shows. Sure, we had jocks, preps, cheerleaders, geeks of every stripe and flavor, stoners, burn-outs, etc.. But I always figured that was just because we each hung out with the kind of people we liked, and didn't hang out with people we didn't have much in common with. It never occured to me that I was oppressed because I wasn't getting invited to keg parties at the rich kids' houses. I figured that if you were going to have a party, you invited the people you wanted to hang out with. If I wanted to be a part of that crowd, I suppose I might have tried, but I didn't want to. I already had friends.

So, if I'm reading this article correctly, not only was I fifteen years ahead of my time, but I'm also transgendered. Interesting.

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