Monday, June 24, 2002

Another Bitter, Single Woman Vents Her Frustration at the Institution of Marriage - Oh, wait. I'm divorced now. Right. In that case, Heather Havrilesky pens yet another brilliant article for Salon, in which she dissects the misconceptions and miscommunications of the marriage mavens who are out to tell us that it don't mean a thing if you ain't got that ring. I was particularly struck by her quoting of James Q. Wilson's description of two nations, a Stepford wonderland of two-parent families and white bigot fences vs. a crackhead heaven of single moms and sexually predacious young men.

Well, I just got back from a canoe trip in very, very southern Missouri. My canoe partner has a daughter, his step-child from a previous marriage. She's nine, and she's got a motley assortment of parents that definitely doesn't fit the "standard model" and I'm confident she's going to turn out just fine, largely because the people who are raising her are raising her with love and intelligence. I have another friend who's going to become a single dad in a couple of months. Another who is raising the daughter she conceived by artificial insemination. I am confident that every single one of those kids is going to turn out fine. I'm not so confident about some of the kids I saw hanging out at the take out point on the Eleven Point River this weekend. For instance, there was the couple who might have been out of high school who took their 11 month old daughter on the river with no PFD.

It's just a marriage license, guys. It won't make you smarter, stronger, more faithful, more compassionate, or a better parent. And why are these people in such a rush for single moms to get married, but freak out if my friends David and Chester want to?

Oh, and there are pictures from this weekend.

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