Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Cougar Sighting Near Ludington, MI - Last spring, as I was driving from Battle Creek, MI to Ludington, I saw a cat run across the road. It was a little above bumper height, dark gray/brown in color, and had a tail almost as long as its body, if not actually a bit longer. From head to tail, it was almost as long as a single highway lane is wide. I've researched it since then, and found two incontrovertable facts: I saw a small cougar, and there are no cougars (officially) in the lower peninsula. Of course, I live in Missouri, where there are, officially, no cougars either, but pretty much everybody knows someone who's seen one.

I actually read a pretty good explanation of this from an anonymous wildlife agent who said that as long as the cougars don't cause any problems, then the government can continue to ignore them and do nothing, which is the best thing the government can do for the cougars and the landowners. Makes sense to me.

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