Monday, August 26, 2002

Flashback to the 80s - My strongest memories of the Reagan years are more emotional than factual. I remember feeling like there were people in the White House who didn't give a shit what I thought, didn't care, except in the most abstract way, about what happened to me or to people like me, and who were going to do whatever the hell they wanted to no matter what I said. Needless to say, Bush I was more of the same.

Everytime I hear or read another story about Iraq, it's like being back there again. The posers that be have decided that war with Iraq is good, right and necessary, and they tell us that it is every night, if possible. Sure, there's some debate about how we're gonna do it and when we're gonna do it, but we're still definitely gonna do it. Just for the record, I want to register my objections, on the off chance that enough people agree with me and will say so that Shrub, et al. will realize that they'll be out of a job in 2 years if he doesn't listen to us.

I think Saddam Hussein is a bad man. Very bad. And dangerous, in the way that a pit bull that's locked in a cage on an island surrounded by sharks is dangerous to the man standing on shore. Yes, there are two stories out there: the one that he is a clear and present danger to the U.S., and one that he isn't. But the folks who say he isn't have no stake in the fight, credentials to back themselves up, and they give very clear evidence to back it up. The folks in favor of invasion say things like "I just know."

The fact that he is a bad man does not give us the right to remove him, kill him, imprison him, or whatever, as long as he stays within the borders of Iraq and doesn't try to attack us or any other sovereign nation.

Imagine this: You're sitting at a bar with some friends. You look up, and notice somebody across the bar looking at you. He looks mean, and he looks mad. You know for a fact that he's beaten the shit out of people before, and as you're thinking about this, he narrows his gaze and mouths the words, "You're next." At this point, it's perfectly reasonable for a normal person to feel nervous. Maybe even scared. But if you were to walk over to him, pick up a bar stool and whack him with, that would be assault, no matter how sure you are that this guy wants to hurt you.

Oh, and one more thing: you're not exactly a normal person. You're six foot five, built like a linebacker, and you've got black belts in 5 different martial arts. And the guy giving you the stinkeye is about 5'4". And your friends are all telling you to walk away and forget about it.

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