Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Posting's been kind of light lately, but there's no particular reason, unless you count the fact that work has gotten kind of tight. I've been making an effort to get more organized, which means an actual to-do list, which means less time to slack (i.e. post). I guess I could post in the evenings, but I went and bought Buffy seasons one and two on DVD, and I've been catching up.

I completely missed all of season one, and most of season two, since they aired before the WB came to town (but I was able to catch summer reruns of season two), so they're almost all new to me. It's particularly interesting watching them at the same time as I'm keeping up with the current runs of Buffy and Angel. New episode: Buffy's a counselor recruited by the new principle to help the new kids. Old episode: The principle's threatening Buffy with expulsion. Old episode: Cordelia's the queen bitch of the high school. New episode: She's a goddess, elevated to a higher plane because of the selflessness and love with which she lives. It's a bit like going to your high school reunion, in that everyone is so different, but somehow not very different at all. And, in the words of the great Joan Cusack, "It was just as if everyone had swelled."

I take it as a very healthy sign of age-appropriate attraction that I find the cast much more attractive now than then. Speaking of aging gracefully, I'll be turning 32 in a couple of weeks. How in the hell did that happen? It's not that I feel 16, or 22, or any other age in particular, it's more that I look back over my life, and most of my 20s are kind of hazy, like a Sunday afternoon where you don't do much more than putter and watch a little TV, but before you know it, it's dark outside.

But if this is how 32 feels, it's not bad at all. I may well be in the best shape I've ever been in, mentally, physically, and spiritually. My finances are coming together pretty well. I still get carded on a regular basis, and even my friends are surprised to hear how old I am. In fact, I have several friends, including one who's known me for years, who are surprised every time they hear it, which makes me seriously question their ability to retain information. My only worry is that I may end up being doomed to date women in their 20s because women in their 30s will think I'm too young for them.

I suppose there are worse fates.

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