Wednesday, October 16, 2002

The story of love is about me - Frank Furedi starts out talking about trends toward people living alone, but, being a sociologist, he turns to the why of it and comes up with an interesting thought: Relationships, by their very nature, have to be about the other person, but as a culture, we pretty much see everything as being about ourselves. Or, as he puts it, "[A]s long as society fails to endow intimate relations with any meaning that transcends self-realisation we will all be singles - whether we are in a relationship or not."

It's an interesting conundrum. We can't be happy if we ignore the self and concentrate only on the needs of others, but if we focus solely on the self, we're trapped in a lonely dungeon of solipsism. All this means is that life is about finding the right rhythm between the two, making life more of an art than a science. On a related note, Slate has an interesting discussion going on the nature of happiness.

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