Wednesday, November 20, 2002

I've been a bit restless with my computer lately. You know how it is: You get a new computer at work, then a friend gets a new computer, and suddenly your home PC, the one you've loved for years, just doesn't seem quite as sexy. I put in a new hard drive a couple of weeks back, but last night I finally got to what I'd been heading towards all this time. I installed Linux. So far, I haven't done much with it, so I can't really offer an honest opinion, but it definitely feels sexier than what I had before, and I just feel so...involved, so competent, so...geeky (but in a good way). The only problem I had when I was installing it last night was that my Internet connection didn't come back up after I partitioned the hard drive and reinstalled Windows. That's okay, it's happened before. Christie was coming over to watch Buffy, so I didn't have time to really mess with it. I decided to put it off, have lunch at home today while I was fixing it. Well, I figured out the problem easily enough.

My cable modem was turned off.

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