Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Michael Kinsley on Google News - The subhead is "Hey - that's MY job you're automating!" The whole thing's a display of rhetorical sleight of hand, but the trick is neatly done and entertainingly presented. Here's a taste of one of the more subtly humorous sections:
In the prestige ranking of important issues, a key factor is how much an issue actually touches anyone's daily life. The more abstract an issue is from real life, the more prestigious it is. A journalistic career that began covering tornadoes in Iowa and ended writing editorials about the expansion of membership in NATO would be considered a success. One that took the opposite path would not.

We all agree—do we not?—that globalization and technological change remain vitally important issues. In order to assure their continued vitality, therefore, it is essential to guarantee that journalists not be impacted in any way.

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