Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Voting is Sexy - I spent my lunch hour solving problems. I paid some bills while I was on hold with Mediacom (the cable modem people), got the net connection going, then went to vote. I vote at West Elementary, just down the street from my house, so I get to walk. There is something so great about walking down the street in order to register my opinion about the path of the nation. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I think it's the feeling of connectedness, the feeling that my neighborhood is a part of the nation. When I first moved to Columbia, it wasn't a very ped-friendly neighborhood, and driving to vote just didn't feel the same.

Memory flash: I have a distinct picture in my head of walking to Hale Cook Elementary with my mom (or was it my grandmother?) and standing next to her while she voted. The voting machines were the kind where you slide the punchcard into a slot and use a little stylus to poke out the chad (I hate that I know that word). Even as a kid I was a gadget-head, and I remember being jealous of the grownups for getting to play with the cool machines. Now I know why I'm such a democracy geek.

Oh, and I got a recorded, "Don't forget to vote" phone call from Sheryl Crow. That's why voting is sexy.

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