Thursday, November 21, 2002

The World Is Too Much With Us - I had an interesting morning. Not to put too fine a point on it, I've been irritable as hell all day. Phone calls bugged me. Email bugged me. Even thinking about having to talk to another person was enough to get me annoyed. When I went out to get lunch and run a brief errand, the driving habits of the morons I got stuck behind was enough to make me scream. It was like somebody reached inside of me, pulled out my soul, and replaced it with a 2 year old who missed his nap. No patience, no compassion, and all my emotions are running right at the surface.

Then I felt a twinge behind my left eye, and suddenly recognized this for what it is: a migraine. This happens every once in a while, where I get a migraine, but without the actual pain. Sometimes the pain comes later, sometimes it doesn't come at all, but my emotions are fucked for the duration.

I probably should take something (Imitrex usually helps when this happens), but I'm kind of enjoying it. It's like I've been replaced by my own evil twin. Now I know how Dr. Jekyl felt. Or, more accurately I guess, Mr. Hyde.

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