Tuesday, January 07, 2003

There are two kinds of posts to this blog: the ones where I have something I want to tell the world (usually a link 'n think post), and the ones where I have something I'm afraid to admit to anyone (navel gazing). Dunno which kind this'll turn out to be. Maybe I should just let you guess. My emotional life these days has something of a schizoid nature. For instance, yesterday I had a headache and just generally felt like shit, a few minor things went wrong at work, and I was actually in a good mood. Don't know why or how, but I was. So I woke up this morning feeling buzzed to be pain-free, but once I got to work I was surprised to find that, while I was having a good day, I was impatient and irritable as hell.

My romantic life's the same way. I'm still missing Carrie and, against my better nature perhaps, hoping it might work out. But I'm also opening up to Christie in ways I wouldn't have thought possible just a month or two ago, and am finally comfortable envisioning something resembling a future. Luckily, we both have our scars and are therefore taking things almost ridiculously slowly.

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