Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Good Morning America's Home Improvement Editor, Ron Hazelton on how to prepare your home for a terrorist attack.

Okay, we have definitely gone through the rabbit hole here, people. Our government actually suggested duct tape and plastic sheeting as protection against a terrorist attack, and now Good Morning America is teaching us how to use it. Fine. Sure. I mean, it won't actually help or anything, but there's no reason not to take reasonable precautions, such as setting aside a small reserve of essentials.

Does anybody take these guys seriously anymore? Maybe it's the crowd I'm hanging out with, but I know very, very few people with any respect left for the morons running our country.

Part of my problem is that I'm an optimist at heart. For example, while I think that pretty much everyone in the White House is either incompetent or corrupt (or both, I suppose), I look out at the world and see that life is still happening, and things are going fairly well in the real world (as opposed to the political one), all things considered, and I'm reminded of an old George Will column written back when George the Elder was taking on Dukakis. The column basically said, "Look, it's only four years, and then we can get somebody real in." Now, if Bush actually wins in 2004, then I'll be depressed, no doubt.

Just as an aside, does anybody else think it's weird that the problems in my marriage started coming to the surface right after Shrub's inauguration? Just me, huh? Well, okay.

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