Friday, February 21, 2003

I may be late to the party, but conceal and carry apologist John Lott is in hot water for behavior which, to put it lightly, hurts his credibility. That's actually kind of old news, but here's a nice new tidbit: In order to prove his point, Lott performs some fairly complex manipulations of the numbers, which might be justified, given the complexity of cause and effect in the real world. There's just one problem. His analysis provides a murder rate of -2.3 for Missoula County, Montana, for 1979 and '91. Now, if it were Sunnydale, CA rather than Missoula County, I might be willing to believe a few resurrections, but it isn't.

The Citypages article is here. Ted Goertzel's article explaining the statistical problems in Lott's research is here, but it's thick.

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