Friday, February 07, 2003

The long version is here. The short version is that Sen. Chuck Hagel won his seat in a huge landslide, in spite of all the polls saying he was going to lose. By pure coincidence, Chuck Hagel ran the company that made the voting machines that were used in 80% of the voting locations. And Nebraska law prevents anyone outside the company from examining either the hardware or the software involved.

Reminds me a bit of a Jai Nitz comic, Nosferatu Kennedy. Your opponent sees you eating a baby and goes to the press with it, but he ends up sounding like a crazed conspiracy freak, and all you have to say is "Yeah, right, I eat babies!"

Um, not that I'm actually saying that Hagel stole the election. Or eats babies. But if I had to choose between believing every word in the Weekly World News or every word in the Reader's Digest, I'd definitely go for the Weekly World News, and this is definitely Weekly World News material. Unless it's true, in which case I'd want to see it in the headlines of every paper in the country, on TV, and all over talk radio.

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