Thursday, March 13, 2003

I'm always panicked just before a trip. Hell, even a weekend in Springfield is enough to have me running around in circles, which is why I usually pack at the last minute, thereby turning my fear that I'll forget something into a self-fulfilling prophecy. But is it really? When I was in grad school, Carrie and I went to Colorado for spring break. It was our first big trip together, and we were packed and ready to go a couple of days before we actually left. And when we did leave, we left the toiletries bag sitting next to the bed.

My plan was to pack last night, or at least get all the clothes together and laid out, so I could start culling them down to what I'm actually going to take. Unfortunately, I ended up with a migraine, so I spent a good chunk of the evening on the couch, getting it together just enough to make a list of things I have to do today in addition to packing. But I'm young, I'm relatively healthy, and I've made good headway on marking things off the list. As long as I remember the important stuff, like phone numbers, money, railpass and passport, I'll be fine. After all, anything essential that I leave behind will be replaced by something cool that I pick up in Japan. And you know how I love to shop.

I only have one problem. I'll be going to Japan and Korea, so naturally I picked up Japanese and Korean phrasebooks. But I've looked through them both, and they don't seem to have the one phrase that I really need. Maybe you can help me out. Does anybody out there know how to say, "Please stop yelling at me; I didn't vote for him" in either Japanese or Korean?

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