Tuesday, April 29, 2003

I've got a question for my female readers. Both of you.

Last Sunday, I went to rent a movie and struck up a conversation with a fellow movie buff. Now, if you take two movie lovers and turn them loose in a video store, even a bad one, they'll have fuel for hours of conversation, potentially, but we really only did the "Have you seen this? Well, what about this?" thing for 20 or 30 minutes. But it was a good, wide-ranging conversation, and I walked away from it with that nice buzz that comes from talking to an intelligent, attractive woman.

I get home on Wednesday, and there's a message on my answering machine from her, asking if I wanted to go out sometime. How'd she get my number? It can't have been hard. She asked me my last name, and I gave it, and, well, I am in the book, though there are two listings with my name.

I didn't call back that night because I had an arm full of outdoor electrical fixtures I wanted to get installed while I still had the daylight to do it. The next night I ended up on the phone all night with other folks. Then I went out of town, didn't get back till late on Sunday. Last night I had a migraine. Tonight, Christie's coming over for dinner and Buffy. So it's looking like the soonest I'll be able to call her back is Wednesday, a week after she called me.

What's the etiquette on this? If I call her, it'd just be to tell her "Thanks, but I'm seeing somebody." And it's true. Wherever I may be in the process of getting over my divorce, whatever ambivalence I have about being in a relationship, Christie and I are exclusive. And my ambivalence isn't about Christie (she's wicked awesome), it's about dating in general. If I wasn't seeing her, I probably wouldn't be seeing anyone. Although I would still relish serendipitous conversations with attractive strangers. I doubt that'll ever change.

Anyway. Should I call? Should I not call? What's the better way to go?

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