Monday, April 21, 2003

Normally, it actually kind of bug me to see news coverage of kidnappings, murders, etc., when there's nothing about the case to justify nationwide coverage except for the telegenic nature of the victims. And that's exactly the way I feel about the Laci Peterson case. That being said, I've gotta blog this. Scott Peterson, the husband, was just arrested, and his mother took to the airwaves to defend him, saying, "You have (the attorney general) calling this a slam dunk before there's even an arraignment. I'm feeling like I'm living in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union." Fine. Innocent until proven guilty, etc., etc. You know me; I'm a big believer in all that stuff. Except. When he was arrested, he had dyed his hair, and had $10,000 in cash on his person.

But I'm sure he was just going for a new look, and had just sold his car to some guy who's really paranoid about banks.

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