Wednesday, April 02, 2003


"Well, you know what I always say: If you're on the shinkansen to hell, you might as well ride in the green car." I realize that this makes no sense to most of you, but it'd take you 30 seconds with Google for it to make sense. C'mon, expand your universe a bit. You'll feel better if you do.

Singing along with Fairytale of New York at an Irish bar in Seoul called O'Kim's.

Kiwi Karaoke: Kylie

Armwrestling the bartender at The Fisherman in Uwa-cho.

Getting whacked on top of the head with a kendo shinai. The helmet helped a lot.

Two teachers going on their third drinking party, so plowed that the only words of English they can manage are "congratulations" and "Okay-o!", who nevertheless manage a very passable rendition of "Country Roads Take Me Home".

Hiroshima on a Sunday night, an empty Peace Memorial Park behind me, looking down at the reflection of the atomic bomb dome in the rain-flecked river.

Intangible Cultural Asset No. 12

no lavatories in this castle

And believe it or not, this store is in Japan. I briefly considered buying some country kitsch thing and giving it to someone as a souvenir of Japan.

The perfect food to go with a good French wine? French fries, of course. Though one person at the table did insist on calling them Freedom Fries and Freedom Wine. Or maybe it was French Whine.

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