Thursday, April 10, 2003

Well, it's certainly not over, and it's way too early to be calling the war a success or a failure, but it's clear that some very good things have come out of this, most importantly, perhaps, a lethal blow to the credibility of Arab propaganda machines like Al Jazeera. Unfortunately, Fox News seems to have been strengthened, but Fox News is still mostly harmless compared to Al Jazeera. And, oh yeah, the thousands of Iraqis freed from prison, oppression and starvation. The tough question is whether the lives saved and improved are worth the lives lost and destroyed. I have no idea how to start answering that question, but I do know that how we help rebuild Iraq is crucial.

Personally, I think Bush should put Noam Chomsky in charge of the reconstruction. It'd be a nice "You wanna talk? Or you wanna fish?" kind of moment.

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