Monday, May 05, 2003

More Poetry

Yet Yeah, that last night,
Or taste the guy calm,
fair, in grad
school, Carrie gave him whispering,
telling me the absolute
worst thing for the benefit of
the friend staying with the
short run, and give you better
next time, to mention that taking wartime loyalty to
be and once started skipping across the lives lost
horse. which then you want us realizes that
I aware I gave it fell
on North Korea, I could come out of
things I was just talking about Christie read
looking to build nuclear weapons.
Little more than my payments are worth But
for facing down the best of the
fairies, take Me pictures. me
We did indeed have copied it soon, as
you a nice You have to
be empathizing out the

I didn't write this one. Rob's Amazing Poem Generator did. You put in the URL of a site, and it spits out a poem based on the contents. The results remind me simultaneously of seeing pictures in the fire (of which I did more than a little this weekend) and the old saying, "The remarkable thing about a singing pig is not that the pig sings well, but that it sings at all."