Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Well, the new 'puter is alive, well, and bloggable from. I'd say the highpoint of the installation was when the UPS told me my outlet wasn't sufficiently grounded, and I fixed it. Yeah, that's right; I'm a genius.

I've been thinking about patience lately, particularly as it relates to my writing. A week or so ago, I wrote a haiku:

Spring's ghost, dogwood white,
glimpsed floating from the highway
among bare branches.

Roughly thirteen years ago, I was heading out of Kirksville for the weekend, looked out the highway, and saw a white flowering tree floating among the still dark branches like a ghost. Thirteen years later, that flash of memory became 17 syllables of words as polished as I could get them. Why should I be impatient with myself, then, if I still haven't processed some of the big stuff in my life, like divorce, death, work, and all that kind of thing?

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