Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Boy, that really chaps my hide!
I've got a cable modem and basic cable. Really basic cable. No HBO, no CNN, no Lifetime. Sure, there are one or two holes in the filter that let me see HGTV and VH1 when the moon is full, but that's a fluke. I get my Internet connection through the same folks, and it's on the same bill, bumping my monthly costs to about $60 per. Not bad. But my bills always have these flyers in them promoting packages like Digital Cable! and Internet! for Only $55 a Month! and such nonsense. So they wore me down, and I called the company, thinking that if I could pay the same but get more, that has to be a good thing, right? Turns out that $55 a month is in addition to $12 a month for basic cable, then another $45 for extended basic, so that you're actually paying more than twice the advertised price.

Y'know, I was actually pretty happy with Mediacom until I made that phone call. Good job, guys. You spent years building up goodwill by having polite employees that do good work, only to blow it with deceptive advertising. Now that's what I call marketing.

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