Thursday, July 24, 2003

So, I joined Friendster. For a few months now, I'll read something about Friendster, think "interesting", click through to their homepage, get prompted to register, and decide I'm not that interested. Layne's post on the subject pushed me over the tipping point, I guess, and when I clicked through to see her profile, I registered. But I can't quite bring myself to spam my friends, so Layne's my only Friend™. So if there's anybody out there on Friendster who feels qualified for Friend™ status, now you know where to find me. And if any of my real-life friends reading this have been thinking of signing up, consider this another straw on the pile.

Oh, and thanks, Layne, for agreeing to be my Friend™. Otherwise this was gonna be the first day of high school all over again.

Update: Billie joined, so now I have two Friends™

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