Friday, August 15, 2003

On the Seductive Nature of Trust...
We're on Highway 8, heading east out of Steelville, looking for Onondaga Cave State Park. If I knew then what I know now, I'd never have said, "Sure, take this exit", but sometimes life just sort of takes on a theme, and the theme of this weekend was shaping up to be Mike Gives Bad Directions, or maybe Mike Invokes in Christie a Healthy Skepticism if you want to spin it a bit.

But it's a beautiful day, if a bit hot, and 8's a good highway, with just enough curves and vistas to make it an enjoyable drive even if you're stuck behind some schmuck going 55, which we are. We come around a curve, and the view opens up to include a huge, wide valley, and we can see both lanes of the road open to the hills across the way, a good mile distant. The no-passing zone ends, and I start encouraging Christie to pass. Not nagging, just encouraging. After all, it's a passing zone, we can all see that we're the only car on the road, excepting Mr. 55, and Christie's got six cylinders she's barely even using.

So she pulls out, but is just unsure enough of herself to ask, "Is it clear?"

"Sure," I say in a calm, even tone of voice, "Except for the giant--" She hits the brakes and pulls back in behind the Turtle.

"--invisible car."

The car is silent, except for a quiet chuckling from Christie's cousin in the back seat.

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