Thursday, September 25, 2003

I'm the goto guy for weird questions in my office, so when we decided to put out a marketing brochure filled with fun facts about our office, it's only natural that I should be the guy putting it together. Rather than saying something like, "If you laid all the books in our warehouse end to end, they'd reach from..." partly because it was boring, but also because books are all different heights, and really I don't know how far they'd reach. I can, however, tell you how much linear shelf space we have, which is over 80 miles, if you count our automated retrieval thingamajobbies (which I like to call the Big Blue Robots when no one from work is listening). But I still didn't want to do a "from X to Y" thing, so I thought of using successive stacks to create a staircase. Something like, "If you stacked the books in our warehouse into a staircase, you'd be able to step from the top step onto the roof of ________!" Assuming a 7 inch rise, it turns out, the staircase would be about 715 feet high. So, being a good geek, I went to to find an appropriate building.

I found something that strikes me as perfect, but I'm not sure the rest of the team will agree. I can see the brochure now: "If you stacked all the books in our warehouse into a staircase, you could climb it all the way to the top of the towers of the La Cygne power plant, and what better place to enjoy the breathtaking vistas of southeastern Kansas?"

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