Wednesday, September 03, 2003

My friends Michael and Lorie just redid their basement which included putting in a bathroom and spare bedroom. They needed help getting the bed down there, so they called me, and as Christie was over, they got two for one. So Christie got to help move the bed while I hung a towel bar. The best wall for the towel bar was the one by the toilet, so I tried to hang it as tightly as I could. After all, a towel bar by the toilet will almost inevitably end up being grabbed by somebody on their way up from the toilet, and the looser it's hung, the sooner it'll give under the strain.

After the work is done, we're hanging out, chatting, and Christie is telling them about a vacation package she and I were looking at in one of our "one of these days" moments. She and Lorie keep up the conversation while Michael goes in to check out my handiwork. I'm not even sure she noticed he'd left the room, which would explain the conversation when he came back in.

Michael: That's great. You could almost use it for... No, I won't even say it. It'd be too much strain.

Me: Oh, it's inevitable. The location is perfect.

Christie: Yes, it'd be a great honeymoon. But we're nowhere near there yet.

Everyone: What?

Me: Um, we were talking about the towelbar. People grabbing it to get up from the toilet?

Christie (hands covering her face): Look, I've been getting a lot of marriage talk from people lately. I'm not obsessed! I'm not!

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