Thursday, October 16, 2003

Intervention Requested
Since the very first time I read about the Tivo, I wanted one. There are a bunch of TV shows I like but never watch because they're on at inconvenient times. I hate that I have to choose between spending my Saturday afteroons working on my old house or watching This Old House, which comes on at 12:30, right when I'd like to have my hands full making sawdust. I don't want to watch Good Eats on Wednesday evening, when I'm busy watching Angel, but the only other times it's on are while I'd rather be sleeping. I suppose I could tape things, but that's a pain in the ass, and takes more time than I want to spend on what is, at best, a passive waste of time.

But I always put it off because it struck me as a waste of money. For what I'd spend on a Tivo, I could get a great new tent (got one), or even a bandsaw (want one)! Watching TV is not a hobby I'm proud of or happy about, but there are times that I'm just too tired to take on any of my more, um, active activities.

In short, I'm conflicted. On one side there's a resistance to spending money on an accessory to a habit I don't even particularly like having. On the other is the realistic notion that I'm no more likely to quite watching TV than I am to quit masturbating, eating junk food, looking at pretty girls with inappropriate thoughts in my mind, or any other long-standing hobby that I'm conflicted about. With Tivo at least I'll be watching shows I'm genuinely interested in rather than just whatever crap happens to be on. And I'll be watching them on my schedule, not theirs.

Plus Circuit City sent me a coupon, and it's my birthday in a couple of weeks. Oh, and my VCR's acting up.

Somebody, please, give me a reason not to buy a Tivo. Or tell me it's okay, and I won't lose my soul.

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