Monday, October 20, 2003

My phone's almost two years old now, which means I'll soon be in the market for a new one, and probably a new plan as well, since Cingular no longer offers the "no long distance, no roaming, ever, anywhere" plan that I was lucky enough to get last time. I'm especially in the market for a new phone because Cingular's been upgrading their midwest network to GSM, which my phone can't handle.

So, being a web guy, I go to their web site to see what my options are. Oh, boy. Where do I start? I go to log in, and the log in screen asks for my phone number. Then it asks for my username and password. Like a lot of folks, I tend to use the same password for most low-security needs. But I can't do that here because Cingular limits your password to four characters. Fine. Annoying, but fine.

But there's nothing on the account page that talks about replacing your phone, so I decide to check the FAQ. I click on "Common Questions" and get a message warning me that they're about to log me out. What? Why the hell do you need to log me out just to show me the FAQ? Whatever. Fine. Log me out. The next page, then, asks for my zip code. WTF? Two pages ago, you knew my name, my phone number, address, and my mother's maiden name. Now you need to know my zip code just to show me a friggin' FAQ? Fine, here's my zip code.

Of course there's nothing useful on the FAQ, so I click over to "Phones", thinking that maybe they'll have something about upgrading my existing phone, you know, since I've already told them I have a Cingular account. Nope. In fact, they've already forgotten the zip code I told them two pages ago.

I knew Guy Pearce was conflicted about acting, but I didn't know he'd gotten work as a webmaster.

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