Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Go. Read. Unless you're allergic to outrage, that is, in which case, STAY AWAY. Basically, we're about to release 140 prisoners from Guantanamo because, well, they're innocent. Turns out that driving through the countryside giving money to people for informing on their neighbors results in a lot of innocent people getting locked up.

And we're not talking about just 140 innocents. That 140 are just "the easiest 20 percent". Even so, the military told Time magazine that the administration was waiting for "a politically propitious time to release them."

Just so we're absolutely clear on this, our government, acting in our name, kidnapped at least 140 people with no evidence of guilt other than the word of a paid informant, denied them any contact with the outside world while, at the very least, subjecting them to regular interrogation (violence and torture have been alleged, but anybody can allege), and now, after two years, our government has acknowledged their mistake and plans to release these prisoners as soon as it helps them in their quest to get to do this kind of shit for another four years.

Morals and ethics aside, how is this helpful? I'm becoming convinced that we would have been better off if, after 9/11, Bush had just hid under his desk in the Oval Office and sucked his thumb for three years.

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