Monday, December 01, 2003

My kitchen and basement sinks have connected drains, so when something somewhere down the line got stubborn, and my kitchen drain got very, very slow, that meant water rising in the basement sink. Nothing bad happened, but I got nervous, and spent some quality time with a plunger and some Drano (not at the same time, though). This was last Wednesday, just before Christie and I left town.

The drain was still glug-glugging last night when I got home, so I ran to the hardware store over lunch and picked up more Drano and a plumbers snake. Put the Drano in the basement sink, and it cleared very quickly, but the kitchen sink was slow and noisy, so I went to work with the snake. Unfortunately, it seemed to get stuck a few feet in. I pulled it out, pushed it in again, but it still stuck in the same place. I gave it a good shove, and now not only would it not go forward, but it didn't want to come out, either. I opened up the cabinet to see if I could figure out where it was stuck, and there it was, sticking through the bottom curve of the trap.

So I know what I'm doing tonight. Yay. Plumbing.

The bitch of it is that these two sinks have never drained well, because the last person to work on them (before I bought the house) cut off the vent, presumably because it was easier than doing the job right. So now I have a choice: fix the trap without fixing the vent, or try and do both. One's faster and easier, but doesn't really fix the problem, while the other involves roughly twice the number of joints, including attaching PVC to a steel drain pipe, which I've never done before and have only a vague idea of how it is done. But how boring would life be if we stuck with doing what we know?

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