Wednesday, December 10, 2003

So, which do you want first? The funny news, or the depressing news? Okay, funny it is. Researchers have actually found empirical evidence that men become less rational in the presence of beautiful women. Well, that's the headline, anyway. Actually, the experiment just tested whether we're less rational after looking at pictures of beautiful women. My favorite part is that they used pictures from

Now for the depressing. Texas leads the nation in the uninsured, and Galveston leads Texas. Well, things have gotten so bad in Galveston that they're actively rationing health care based on the ability to pay. A friend of mine in the field used to joke about "a negative wallet biopsy", but people in Galveston take bank statements with them to the hospital to prove that they can pay for their care. Or, alternately, to prove themselves "medically indigent".

Meanwhile, I'll just sit here, looking at and trying not to think about the good $87 billion dollars could have done on this side of the ocean.

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