Friday, January 30, 2004

It's the Charisma, Stupid!
The Missouri primary's just a few days away, and I'm struggling to decide between Dean and Edwards. Dean's got the experience and background to do a great job, but everybody I talk to either loves him or hates him, and the media's already pigeonholed him. That's a problem. Edwards has charisma in spades, good policy ideas, and the media story on him is that he's a golden boy on the rise. My only worry about him is his lack of executive experience, but a good vice president could definitely fill that gap. I'd suggest Dean, but I understand they don't get along.

Like every other right thinking person, my first priority in voting it to get Bush out of office. He's fucking up our country, and needs to be fired. But Kerry's the front runner, and I think he's very nearly the least electable of the bunch. And as I've said before, Clark's out, at least for me. That leaves Edwards and Dean, both of whom I like I lot, both of whom I'd be excited to vote for. I'm more confident of Dean's ability to govern well than Edwards, but more confident of Edwards ability to get elected.

If only Edwards would make an appearance on the Daily Show, this would all be so much easier.

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