Monday, January 05, 2004

Slept through the alarm this morning and was late to my first day back at work after five days with distant friends. Well, not terribly distant, but certainly out of town. Anyway, it was five days of late nights and later mornings, so I more or less didn't sleep last night, which makes it all the more frustrating that I find myself in an epistemological can of worms, trying to figure out why my query results don't match somebody else's.

But that's why God made Dale Keiger. He didn't actually help me through my quandary (not sure how tough his database chops are), but this is just so goddamn nice. A piece of language struck him as particularly beautiful, and he takes the time to take it apart for us and show us how it works. I like to think that, when I've taken the time to really craft a piece of language, there's someone out there doing just this sort of thing. And as far as the writing itself (it's from an André Aciman essay), it's the sort of writing I aspire to: powerfully and intelligently evocative language that slips its point beneath your skin as stealthily as a tick, but not nearly so icky.

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