Sunday, February 15, 2004

Now that's what I call a weekend. Much puttering, much cooking, a liberal sprinkling of Playstation 2 time, three bottles of wine, and a couple of movies. And some other fun stuff that's none of your damn business (it was, after all, Valentine's Day). Saturday night's dinner, for the curious, was duck a l'orange with asparagus and orzo rissotto. The duck recipe and confidence-building instructions came via James Peterson's Duck Cookbook, which I enthusiastically recommend.

Here in Columbia, the only duck I found was the frozen whole bird (I was hoping to find just the breasts, but no such luck), so I had to cut it up myself, which was daunting, but not as scary (or as gory) as I'd feared. Yes, when you start with the whole animal, it's impossible to kid yourself about the fact that your dinner used to be a living being, but I'm just weird enough to call that a good thing. Also, the extra bits of fat went into the freezer for later, as did the rest of the bird that wasn't the breasts. Today the carcass, legs and wings went into a pot of boiling water on the stove and, after a day of simmering, formed the basis for tonight's duck stew, which will feed Christie and I for the better part of the week.

Long story short? Duck is good, and not that difficult. Eat more duck.

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