Thursday, March 18, 2004

It's local media day here at Yet Another Damn Blog. First of all, there's this Slate story on satellite radio, arguing against FCC rules making it harder for the satellite folks to offer local news, weather and traffic. We happen to have some kickass radio here in Columbia. In fact, I woke up to BXR one morning, and they had a caller on the air talking about having sold his XM set on eBay because BXR kicks so much ass. But not everyone is so lucky. For those of you stuck in Clear Channel land, satellite may be, ironically, your best shot at decent local coverage.

And then there's this piece from one of our local rags, The Missourian. Rather than celebrate the execrable Americanized St. Patrick's Day, kids from Rock Bridge High School's Classical League decided to revive Liberalia, a Roman holiday that celebrated young people reaching voting age. Here's hoping it catches on.

Finally, though this is kind of a stretch, the hit counter rolled over 10,000 some time in the last couple of days. It's tempting to reach for a big post filled with meditation on the meaning of blogging and all that, but it's been a long week, so I'll just say that it's been a great couple of years and you guys rock.

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