Monday, March 15, 2004

Things I learned this weekend:
  1. Flatbranch has truly kickass babyback ribs. The spices are just right, the meat comes apart in your hands, and the sauce is perfect. If I were told I could never have ribs again for the rest of my life, these would be number two on my list. Gates, of course, would be first.
  2. You know that additive, hormone, or whatever the hell it is in beef that makes me break out? Apparently it shows up in pork, too.
  3. My theory that hives was my body's normal reaction to whatever the hell sets this off and that the anaphylaxis was a fluke...well, it was a nice theory. Turns out that hives are just a warning shot across the bow, letting me know that anaphylactic shock is coming.
  4. Christie is a very light sleeper. Turns out that all it takes to wake her up after a night of me tossing, turning, and scratching is the sound of her 165 pound fiance collapsing in the hallway.
  5. Gray is not my color.
  6. The Epipen works.
I'd love to tell the whole story, but I'm pretty fuzzy on the actual details. I can tell you that my macho, just ignore it and maybe it'll go away approach to healthcare doesn't work very well for this sort of thing. The fact is, if Christie hadn't have woken up and come to check on me, I probably would have died. That's some scary shit, so whenever it pops into my head, I try and find something else to think about, but it keeps popping up, and I'm running out of something elses to think about.

So that was my weekend. How was yours?

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