Monday, March 08, 2004

This weekend, my nephew was in basketball tournament for Lutheran schools. He's a hell of a player, but this post isn't about him. Watching Atonement take on Holy Cross, it occurred to me that there's a hell of a Lake Wobegon skit to be found in the play by play from a Lutheran basketball game. Or maybe football. Unfortunately, I don't really know enough about sports to make it as funny as it could be. Sadly, I'm a little burned out on religion at the moment.

Like I've said before, Christie and I are engaged. Trying to find an officiant is a headache and a half. Christie's a rationalist agnostic who thinks asking questions is more interesting and fun than making up answers. I'm a pantheist ex-wannabe shaman whose answer to the New Thought question, "Would you rather be happy or right?" has always been, "I can't be happy if I know my happiness is based on bullshit."

The trick is to find someone who's open minded enough to talk about the mystical side of things, which appeals to both of us, but not, in the words of my favorite philosophy professor, "so open minded their brains fall out."

The search so far has meant a lot of reading mission statements of churches, which can be emotionally tiring if, like me, you were brought up in a fundamentalist church by free-thinking Christian parents.

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