Monday, April 12, 2004

Scenes from a weekend:
Talking politics with Christie's conservative brother-in-law and having him agree that what we really need in this country is an "empiricist party" that would put aside ideology and just do what works. Seriously, it was fun to hear his thoughts. His instincts are conservative and he'd very much like to vote Republican, but he's a scientist and a rationalist and can't stand much of what they've done to the country. Apparently it sucks to realize you've been conned.

Starting Saturday with Turkish coffee. Great stuff. Really, really great. When I was still wide awake at 4 a.m., though I was questioning its greatness. Or maybe just questioning my ability to handle its greatness. Christie suggested that a significant portion of the strife in the Middle East is due to sleep deprivation. A bonus effect to insomnia is that you get an extra seven or eight hours in the middle of your weekend, making it, in effect, a three day weekend.

Cleaning the kitchen. And I mean cleaning. We took a truckload of garage sale stuff to Christie's place and through away three full bags of trash.

New futon. We're joining two households, and that means lots of stuff. Like two couches and a loveseat. But none of them were quite what we wanted, so they're all going, and we got a futon to replace them that's very much our style, and suits our needs just about right. Unfortunately, Christie fell in love with a rocking chair while we were there, and I think we're going to have to find room for it somewhere.

Not going to church. I know I talk a lot about God in this blog, but there are a couple of reasons why I'm glad we didn't go to church this weekend. For one, Easter's never done it for me. I grew up in a guilt-heavy Lutheran church for which Easter was mainly the day that followed Good Friday. As you'd expect, The Passion of the Christ is very popular there these days (my parents have moved on, but my brother and his family still attend Calvary, as my old church is, naturally, named). So I associate Easter with death, guilt, and stomach aches. Not my thing.

Not going canoeing. This was a bummer, actually, but every forecast I saw said that area was going to see rain from sunup past sundown, and that's just not the kind of thing I want to do on purpose. If I'm out camping and it starts to rain, I'll stay out and have a good time, but if I haven't even left yet? No way I can get excited about that.

Update: I forgot this one: The phone rings. Caller ID says "Unknown", but I answer anyway. Him: "Hello, this is so and so from Such and Such Surveying. What would you say is the number one priority facing Missouri this year?" Me: "Oh, that's easy. Voting the damn Republicans out of office." Him: "Oh. Okay. Um, thanks." Click.

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