Saturday, May 08, 2004

In the comments, Ronnie suggests that I'm being a bit of a Monday morning quarterback in my criticism of Bush's handling of Iraq. One of the advantages of a blog archive is the ease of saying "I told you so". Though I have to say I'd have rather been wrong.

Posting on a blog has about as much effect on the course of government as screaming at the TV has on the course of a football game. And yelling at the screen doesn't do much to invalidate the "Monday morning quarterback" charge.

But this is supposed to be a democratically governed country, and I was hardly the only person talking about this sort of this. Bush seemed (and still seems) to feel that his refusal to listen to dissenting opinions was a virtue. In November, Americans get to tell him whether he's right.

I've got it easy; I made up my mind about him when I watched him tell a bald-faced lie in the debates, and I haven't seen anything since that would lead me to change my mind. The folks he managed to con have a tough choice: keep buying the bullshit, or admit they were conned.

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