Friday, June 18, 2004

This Craigslist entry entitled "I almost won a Darwin Award" brings a chuckle or two, even though when I saw the link on Kottke, I wondered if I'd taken the time to write up the white gas incident from my last camping trip with Billie and Emily, and then forgotten about it. But no, this is nothing so mundane. After all, any yahoo can burn his eyebrows off trying to start a campfire, but it takes a special kind of genius to run yourself over with your own car. Christie, please take note of this, and remember that I've never done anything even close to this. Not that I can think of, anyway.

House Update: When I came home last night, there was a steady stream of water coming out of the iron cover on the water meter that's buried in the front yard. Turned out to be a broken gasket on the city's side of the water meter, so not only did the city fix it for free, but since the leak was on the other side of the meter, my water bill's not going to go up. Still, I'm looking forward to Christie coming home so that things'll stop breaking.

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