Monday, August 09, 2004

While I was off puttering my way through the weekend, the Bushies managed to out yet another intelligence asset, this time, a mole in al Qaeda.

As near as I can figure, this is how it went:

The Administration That Cried Wolf: Stop paying attention to Kerry. We're at war! On terror! And they're going to strike any day now! Thankfully our president is a Strong Leader™ who takes terrorism seriously, and we were able to get the information that allowed us to warn you!

Media: Why are you telling us this now, when most of the information you're talking about is years old? You're not playing politics, are you?

TATCW: What?! No! Never. You must be thinking of that other party! We take this sort of thing very seriously, and would never play politics with the War on Terror™! Just as an example, we've got this guy, his name's Khan, who got busted by our buddies in Pakistan, and he's been giving us all kinds of useful information! He's even emailing his old buddies in al Qaeda and getting them to tell us stuff, though of course they don't know it, because they don't know we busted him! Isn't this spy stuff cool? Doesn't that prove how seriously we take this whole War on Terror™ thing?

Media: Um, you do know your mic's on, right? And that al Qaeda has cable?

Read Juan Cole for more on the repercussions.

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