Thursday, September 02, 2004

On Travelling as a Boy Scout
One of Christie's jobs is to take the piss out of me when I start believing my own PR. Hence her regular giving me a hard time about overpacking. On the flipside, though, she's the first to sing a song of praise that I've thought ahead enough to bring a flashlight, compass, diarrhea medicine, Epipen, satellite uplink, portable toilet, or what have you. The name of this song is "What Fun It Is to Travel With a Boy Scout."

Feeling, as I do, the need to Be Prepared™, I tend to get stressed out when I'm getting ready to travel, particularly when I'm travelling by air, which means I can't have a milkcrate full of emergency supplies in the trunk, nor can I carry a pocketknife, unless I want to check my bag, and I don't like to check my bag, because, well, baggage check sucks.

So I freak out, my brain whirring and clicking over this and that worst case scenario, until I sit down on the plane and all the worries hiss out of my brain like air from a balloon. Then I start thinking about the next leg of the trip and will I get a taxi and what if I can't find the hotel or they screwed up my reservation and I'm left wandering the streets of Manhattan helpless, hopeless and friendless, until I talk myself down with a recitation of the places I've flown into armed with nothing but scrawled out directions and a dog-eared Lonely Planet guide. Sure, Manhattan's a foreign country to a Missouri boy like me, but it's got nothing on Kyoto. I mean, at least they speak English. Sort of.

But what's really freaking me out is that I'm going in for business, and the airport shuttle leaves so early on Tuesday that I won't be able to come in to the office beforehand. Meaning that I've got to be ready tomorrow, rather than three days ago, and this is for a project a few weeks from launch where we're still just starting to figure out what it is we don't know yet.

Some fun, ain't it?

Oh well. It's just travel, and it's just business, and it's just a couple of days. Ain't nothing worth losing sleep over.

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