Thursday, October 07, 2004

Things I am thinking about that are not the project I need to be working on:
  1. The best way to attach the rear legs to the bookshelves I almost finished last night.
  2. The best way to conceal the fucked-up, uneven cuts at the top of the bookshelve I almost finished last night.
  3. The best way to paint the hallway.
  4. Dinner (including what we need from the grocery store).
  5. Twisted Metal: Black.
  6. I got an email from a friend last week who's working on his PhD. in Music Composition. He wants to do a choral piece and can't find anything he really likes to adapt. He's previously done a piece of music based around one of my poems, and wants to know if I've got anything. I said I'd pull something together, but now I'm wondering if the intimate voice I've cultivated is well suited to a chorus, not to mention that it's been a long time since I've done any serious metrical work (doggerel doesn't count). Maybe a dialogue? Or a conversation? Is it okay to be funny in a choral piece, or should I go for a more serious tone? What if I overshoot serious and end up writing something overblown? Would the ordinary language I'm inclined to use exist in tension with the elevated expectations that a chorus might create, but still hold together? Or will the whole thing fall apart?
  7. I went to the hardware store over lunch to buy screws and dust masks, but I picked up a pack of Rolos while I was there. Now it's mid-afternoon, and I'm wanting those Rolos, but I left them in the car, and now it's raining. Is their chocolatey goodness worth getting soaked? And if the sun comes out, rendering the Rolos gettable, will they end up melted?

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