Friday, February 25, 2005

I had to dig up an old recipe, and it's actually easier to post it here for the world to see than it is to print it off and carry it home:

Tofu Chocolate Mousse


One package silken, firm tofu. If you can only get silken OR firm, go for silken, as that is the more important characteristic. I prefer Mori-Nu, which comes in those cool little aseptic packages (like juice boxes), but some places only have the stuff that comes submersed in liquid in little plastic tray thingies. If that's the only kind you can get, be sure to drain it and rinse it lightly. If you want the lowest possible guilt-factor, you can get 'lite' tofu. It is a little lower in fat, and I've never noticed a difference in the final product.

One cup semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Two tablespoons honey.

One teaspoon vanilla extract.

Put the tofu in the blender, and blend it thoroughly until smooth. Leave it blending while you melt the chocolate/honey mixture. You can melt it on the stove or in the microwave, just put the chips in a bowl or pan then pour the honey over them. It takes about 45 seconds to a minute in the microwave, longer on the stove. Remove from heat (or from microwave) and add vanilla extract. Stir until smooth. Sometimes, the chocolate will dry out and get clumpy and gross. If this happens, ignore it and continue blithely on, as it will have no discernible effect on the end result.

Add the chocolate to the blending tofu. You can either add it slowly in small bits or dump it in as one big ass clump, whichever best suits your personal philosophy. Some people will not feel comfortable adding ingredients while the blender is running, and those people should turn the blender off before adding the chocolate as no desert is worth ruining your peace of mind. As the chocolate blends with the tofu, use a spoon to turn the still-white tofu toward the center of the blender so as to make sure the whole thing is uniformly chocolatized (or, if you prefer, cocoified).

Again, those uncomfortable doing this with the blender on should turn the blender off. If you do elect to leave the blender on, FOR GOD'S SAKE DON'T DROP THE SPOON OR LET IT GO MORE THAN AN INCH OR SO PAST THE TOP OF THE MOUSSE!!!!! If you do, it will ruin the spoon and possibly the blender as well as making a hell of a mess, and whoever else is in the kitchen will say "I told you so" even if they didn't. Transfer to serving dish and chill for an hour or so. Serves four generously.

Serving tips: Chill in a nice glass bowl with sliced, unsweetened strawberries on top. As it chills, the juice will make a nice glaze. Alternatively, crush Oreos or other chocolate cookies into the bottom of individual serving cups (large wine glasses are perfect), add the mousse and, just before serving, push a single Oreo into the top so that it sticks up like a fin. If you're channeling Martha Stewart, add a fanned strawberry or a couple of raspberries for fun.

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