Monday, March 14, 2005

Christie and I were lying in bed last night trying to figure out when St. Patrick's Day is. Not because we want to be sure to wear green, or want to go out to the bars wearing green mardi gras beads (what is up with that?) and get trashed, or anything like that, but more because we both find the way the holiday is celebrated in America to be vaguely annoying, and we want to know on which day not to wear green, but to instead wear a self-satisfied and annoyed look on our faces. Or maybe wear green because some jerk is sure to pinch us if we don't, but to still be annoyed about it.

C: Is it the 14th?

M: Maybe. But I don't think so. I think the 14th is Valentine's Day.

C: But in February.

M: Well, yeah. But I always think Valentine's Day should be on the 12th. 12 is a much more romantic number than 14.

C: Really.

M: Sure. More couples go into 12 than 14. 2 times 6 and 3 times 4. 14 just has 2 times seven, which isn't romantic at all.

C: What about 7 plus 7?

M: But that's addition, not multiplication. Addition's friendship, not romance.

C: Okay... What about 1 times 14?

M: Not a couple.

C: (Imagining being married to Rainman for the rest of her life.)

I thought about explaining why 3 times 4 is so much more romantic than 2 times 7, but I thought it best to cut my losses.

On a related note, today is Pi Day. I'll be observing one second of silence at 1:59.26, and I may even make a square pie tonight, if I'm feeling motivated.

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