Thursday, March 24, 2005

My mom just asked for my blog address after listening to a story about bloggers on NPR. Christie's mom already reads the blog. That makes this an opportune time to remind all of my readers that I am an inveterate liar who not only fictionalizes events from his own life (Christie claims that I change all of our conversations to give myself the best lines, and would like to point out that she has always known that St. Patrick's day is on the 17th), but frequently makes up things completely.

Oddly enough, considering that I always give myself the best lines, the stuff I make up completely tends to make me look pretty bad. In fact, if you read anything on this blog that makes you think any less of me, it's probably one of the things I made up. In actuality, I have never done anything stupid, reckless, or heart-breakingly selfish. Anyone who says differently is a damn liar, and that includes me.

Also, Christie and I never had sex before we got married. In fact, we waited until we got the official copy of the marriage license back from the county clerk, just to be on the safe side.

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