Monday, April 04, 2005

Definitely worth a read (and the pictures are killer):

"“I came really close to having it cut off,” Giles McKewan says of his horn. I am visiting him in the modest log home in upper Michigan, where he has lived for the past 40 years. It’s a chilly October afternoon. Giles has a fire going in the fireplace. He offers me a glass of scotch and a strip of venison jerky, which he makes himself in the smokehouse behind the garage. His living room is clean and sparsely furnished. A very impressive collection of animal trophies hangs on the shellacked wooden walls. Over a dozen bucks, an elk, a black bear, a wild turkey and, oddly, a couple of squirrels. Giles sees me puzzling over the squirrels and he explains: “When I was practicing taxidermy, I didn’t want to mess up with the big game...” The squirrel on the end table next to Giles stands on his hind legs, holding a copper ashtray. Giles taps his pipe into the ashtray, then packs the bowl with fresh tobacco and lights up. In the swirl of pipe smoke he makes a strange apparition with his white hair, wizened face and five-inch horn growing from between his eyes."

This is not fiction, by the way, it's a medical journal.

Update: This is fiction, but still way cool and worth reading. The tilde in the URL made me suspicious, and I should have went with that. Between you and me, let's call it a late April Fool's.

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