Monday, April 11, 2005

Well, it's well after one, and I should be exhausted. And I am, actually. Physically. We're talking about looking for a new house, which means fixing all the little things that go wrong with a house over the seven years I've owned this one, most of which time I was only fixing things when they really got to bugging me, which as you can imagine, takes a while. And that's not figuring in the Ozarker's dilemma (can't fix the roof when it's raining, and when it ain't raining, the roof don't leak). Not that the roof leaks. But it's a sixty some year old house, and old houses get cracks. So why fix the crack when it's just going to need fixing again?

Mostly, though, we're just painting. The bathroom's green now, the office shelves are white, and the office walls are, well, whiter than they were on Friday. But it was fixing the garage floor that kicked my ass. Concrete work's a bitch if you're out of shape, which I am.

And then there were the nine boxes of books that came off the shelves and went into the garage.

But the sore muscles aren't what's keeping me up, it's my to-do list. My brain keeps thinking of things I need to do, and being my brain, it wants me to do them NOW, even though it's the middle of the night, and I don't have the energy, and nobody's open anyway to take the phone calls I need to make.

So, lucky you, you get to read about it.

1. Call the bank about a check that was run through for more than it was written for (because someone at the bank that holds my mortgage can't tell my nines from my fives).

2. Call my real estate agent and make an appointment to talk about houses and such.

3. Wash the siding.

4. Clean up painting crap, vacuum the spare bedroom, and put the furniture back where it belongs.

5. Second coat on the shelves in the garage.

6. Laundry. (Thanks, Christie!)

7. Taxes (this should really be higher on the list).

8. Tell my boss I need Friday off. Well, want Friday off.

9. Dishes. (Thanks, Christie!)

10. Mow the yard. (Thanks, Christie!)

11. Fill the car with gas. Buy a lighter while I'm there, because the last time I wanted to light a candle, I practically had to use flint and steel.

12. Get my allergy shot.

13. Pick up another handle for the bathroom vanity.

14. Go to the health food store for protein shake mix and chill-out tea. Yeah, that's right, I'm actually getting stressed about the need for chill-out tea. Alanis Morissette should write a song about me. Dammit! They quit carrying my brand!

15. Sit on the front porch and listen to the wind for a while. That's actually on the calendar for next weekend. In pencil.

Not all of it needs to be done tomorrow, or even this week, but that's my list as it currently stands. Now that I've got it out of my head, maybe my mind'll let me sleep, and I can stop being jealous of my snoring cats.

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